Friday, February 3, 2017

Too late! Already dated one, mated and created three more of them.

If you don't want a real alt-right to develop, then cut it out with this shit.


  1. If they've got you debating "racism" and "hatred" they're already inside your head, and they're winning.

    "Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." –Mark Twain

    1. Their not debating with me, I'm just pointing out the absurdity of the position. In all my years, the rule was to judge people by the content of their character. Now apparently some are regressing to judging folk by the color of their skin. Cannot turn out well.

  2. I am always amazed that the "tolerant" left will not tolerate intolerance.

  3. Completely sick.


  4. Heh, the tolerant left espousing crap like this. I grew up around folks that used to espouse mating with blacks so as to dilute their color and then eventually they would be lower class whites......

  5. The Progressives see absolutely nothing wrong, false of racist about this. Remember in their twisted minds only White, Christian Conservatives can be racist, homophobic or otherwise evil. And that is why the traditional America I as a 74 year old knew it is slipping away and that slippage is accelerating.

  6. My point here is that we (normal people) are the only ones concerned with the inconsistency of their position. They (the idiocracy) are only lying, and hoping to distract with apparently intellectual arguments.

    There is no intellectual argument, only lies, and as long as we respond to that we are dignifying their slander with adult attention. Anybody who's lived with 2-year-olds knows that the only thing that works is to ignore them - until it's time for the strap.

  7. I just know I'm getting real tired of being called a racist, a Nazi, a bigot all the time- and that's just because I don't support socialism. It's gotten worse since I came out in support of (candidate) Donald J. Trump; I've lost a lot of friends and aquaintances, and some of my family no longer speak to me. I lost a few more when I approved strongly of President Trump's election; I'm still elated about that, as a matter of fact, though I know that the Left will pull out all the stops to prevent his success.

    It's time for this kind of crap to stop. My Dad once threw his workmate out of our house during a party, when that workmate used the N-word; that was back in the late 50's. Dad wouldn't tolerate racist talk, even less racist actions. Dad didn't much like MLK as a man, but totally supported his standard of not judging a person by the color of his skin, but by the contents of his character. I've tried to live by that standard too; now I'm considered a racist if I don't support people of color, whatever their grievance and whether it's valid or not. (BLM is not valid.)

    I guess I really am becoming a racist, here at the evening of my life. I'm beginning to develop some hatred, and I want my country back. See "The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon" by Kipling for details.

  8. Propagation, not "propogation". Ugh.

    Also, this smacks of the signs warning blacks not to remain in certain towns after dark ("sundown towns"), implying that they'd be, how times have changed. /sarc/