Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This is going to be a tough spring for people who live downstream of Oroville Dam.

Even if the authorities let everyone back, if I were a resident I don't know if I could sleep at night knowing what was upstream.

Forecasts show a clear pattern of a heavily moisture laden “atmospheric river” taking aim directly onto the Oroville Dam watershed over the next week. Accumulated precipitation forecasts show that the Lake Orovile watershed will score a direct hit with the maximum amount of precipitation over the next 10 days.  Well, ok then.

 Computer forecast models indicate a powerful jet stream will continuously pound California over the next ten days and bring copious amounts of moisture from off of the Pacific Ocean into the state.  This 10-day loop of predicted upper-level winds at 250 mb are in 6-hour increments from today until Thursday, February 23rd; maps courtesy, NOAA/EMC (GFS)

The long-term forecast has rainfall totals withing the watershed that are showing the exact spot where Lake Oroville watershed is located will get 11.62 inches of rain over the next 10 days, the most accumulated rainfall in the entire western USA.  When it rains, it pours.   This is going to get really interesting.   Better up that release to 150k cfs.


  1. Last year they was offering up their first born for rain. Moral: Don't wish for something cause you just might get it.

    1. I guess the firstborn is what does the trick with the rain gods

  2. Prolly a good thing they've been able to drop the lake level as much as they have so far.

  3. At least we can all rest easy knowing that this won't affect the Bullet Train to Nowhere in the slightest!

    As far as all those people below the dam: well, if they're not illegals... then they're not on Gov. Moonbeam's priority list at all. Too bad!