Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sowing chaos in the house of our enemies

And unity in our own.  Professor Jacobson gets it right.  He correctly points out that by nominating Mr. Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, Trump puts the two ideological ends of the Democratic Party at each other's throat.

The saner part of the Democratic Party is basically at ease with the nomination, noting Mr. Gorsuch's high qualifications and the fact that his appointment would not change the balance of the court, but the wild, untamed part wants only to riot and fight, and will start with anyone who dares to gainsay that inclination.

Professor Jacobson states:

  "Where that ends is a Democratic Party so radicalized that it become non-functional as a political opposition. The radicalization of the Democratic Party is playing right into Trump’s hands — Americans don’t like it when people burn the flag and bash capitalism, but that is now the face of the Democratic base. The more they riot, the more they disrupt, the more they act out their anger and frustrations, the better for Trump."

Judging by the hysteria and bug eyed name calling I've witnessed from those on Facebook who hail from the Riot and Shout end of the Democratic Party, that assessment is exactly right.

Evidence in support: 

Petition seeks to silence animatronic President Trump at Disney’s Hall of Presidents.  

Burning down the Berkeley campus right now  Honestly, a man is invited on campus to speak, to say some words, and these kids think the thing to do is riot and stop the speech.  Who are the fascists now?

180 Federal Employees Sign Up for Workshop on Civil Disobedience.  

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