Wednesday, February 1, 2017

So instead of speaking to 200 or so people at Berkeley,

This fabulous guy gets coverage on all networks and 15 minutes with Tucker Carlson.  

Plus tens of thousands get red pilled.

I'd call that excellent use of leverage, thanks to the Soros rioters.

A year and a half age, I'd never heard of him.


  1. Instead of 200 people hearing about this person's radical Conservative views, they have now cast his message across the entire world. Funny they seem to be rather proud of the antics that they see as truth to power but the world witnessed a cult of personality throwing a tantrum

  2. Berkeley- or is it now "Beserkley?"- back in the '60s was fighting for free speech, with marches and protests. (And IIRC, with lots of American flags waving in the marches- no more, though.)

    Now they yell "anti-Fascists!" as they riot, protest and destroy. Pretty good imitation of those fascists they claim to be against, if you ask me.

    And here's Milo, a conservative homosexual guy who's barred from speaking there! Talk about a turn-around, I thought the "gays" could do no wrong!