Friday, February 17, 2017

So the boy is in Air Force ROTC...

And recently some actual, no joke, genuine Marine Corps drill sergeants came and gave the fly boys a taste of boot camp.  The boy sent me some pictures, and this is my favorite.


  1. "So you think you're too 'good' to dance like a russian? Cross those arms, squat and kick them legs trainee!"

  2. I entered Air Force basic training in March 1979. Several T.I.s had USMC tattoos on their arms.

  3. The Marine Sgt missed a belt loop on his belt. He also has more scrambled eggs on his shirt than I have ever seen on a Marine uniform. I retired USAF and it was common to give out participation medals but the Marines don't do that. One of my Marine counter parts retired with 7 ribbons as Master Guns with 21 years. His little ribbon at the top was a Silver Star...

    1. Good eye! I never met a drill instructor who would miss a belt loop! I had 4 ribbons and staff stripes after my 6 years.If he actually earned all those he has my respect.

  4. I'll bet that Sgt had a lot of fun! Looks like he's in top form there.

    I served in the AF myself, don't know if the drill sgts that I endured during Basic were, or had been, Marines- but I do remember that they kept me so exhausted I hardly knew up from down!

    One nice drill sgt told us, "smoke 'em if you got 'em" and we actually got about 3 whole minutes to goof off! Then extra pushups, while he told us what fairies we were, because somebody in the squad hadn't fieldstripped their butt. (Remember back when being called a "fairy" was an insult? Can't say that today, I bet.)

    Ah sweet memories!

  5. Actually, he didn't miss any belt loops. The fair leather belt is worn that way.