Friday, February 3, 2017

Oh my oh my...

Gun porn for sure

Two tone Springfield XD-S - H-265 Flat Dark Earth with H-148 Burnt Bronze


  1. Too bad its not American made.---Ray

    1. Maybe that will change, once American manufacturing gets going once again- and the insane drive to cancel the 2nd Amendment wanes, as is happening already (today there's the news that the House votes to remove Obama's SS gun ban.)

      Sure I'd prefer them to be made in the USA- but they're a great gun, and I've got nothing against Croatia! (Some Croatian girls are almost as pretty as that gun- not that I was looking, of course!)

    2. Country of origin is a factor but may be a minor consideration if the product meets your requirements.
      Swiss watches are made in Switzerland.
      Hi Powers are made in Portugal, assembled in Belgium.
      Quality weapons are made in Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey and Japan.
      Plenty of good firearms are made in USA, including some of foreign marques.

  2. Kind of cool looking, but I must be getting old and set in my ways. Nothing as beautiful to me as a 1911A1, Walther PPK or single action revolvers. I can't seem to really find beauty in the newer stuff. I do have a "plastic" gun. It's a 10mm EAA Witness. Always wanted a 10mm after watching Miami Vice, but couldn't afford a Bren Ten or Colt Delta Elite back then, so I got the EAA. Shoots and functions very well, but I have no great fondness for it like I do the older styles................

    1. I agree. I love my 1911s and my BHP, also my S&W (pre-lock) revolvers. My Interarms PPK/s has been excellent but does not like alum. case ammo.
      My brother's XD .45 has proven reliable and I prefer the grip profile over the Glock.
      I recently acquired a S&W 3913. Solid, compact, accurate and dependable it has become a favorite.
      The metal framed S&W semiautos have a good pedigree and are often overlooked these days.
      I doubt I will be looking for a plastic handgun anytime soon.

      =T.W.= aka BCE56

  3. What ever you like and train with works,
    for me it's my Sig Sauer P238 HD Micro-Compact