Saturday, February 11, 2017

Good and Bad News

The good news: It's stopped raining and it will be sunny for the next few days.

The bad news: Water is now going over Lake Oroville's emergency spillway.  Now we get to find out how well that's going to work.

Many local roads and highways remain closed this morning. Highway 50 is closed east of Pollock Pines at Ice House Rd due to a mudslide. WB 80 remains closed also due to yesterday's mudslide near Baxter. Travel to & from Tahoe will be difficult. Check before you go.

The Cosumnes River (not the Amazon) at Michigan Bar.  Many years at the end of summer it is dry here.

Coming home last night on 99 I noticed a lot of big tractors being unloaded right next to where the highway crosses the Cosumnes.  I wondered if it was a levee problem, but it turns out that the river weakened the railroad trestle next to the freeway, which moved and caused a messy derailment, sending railcars into the muddy water.


  1. It's on!