Monday, January 16, 2017

Why do these guys always look like the the stereotypical steely eyed rocket men that they are?

Fun fact: Cernan crashed his helicopter into the ocean shortly before NASA was scheduled to select crew members for Apollo 17, which would be the final mission to land on the moon. After the crash, Cernan says he was sure NASA wouldn't select him for the mission — if he couldn't fly a helicopter without incident, how could he command a journey to the moon?


  1. Hi CW,
    There was 3 of 'em...'Stafford, Cernan and Young!!! 'Almost sounds like the name of a "Woodstock Rock Group!!" ...But they were "A-V-8-ors!!!" On that Mid May Daybreak early morning!! in 1969 their "Capsule" came "Flaming" thru the atmosphere trying to be a meteorite!!! "They lived," and aboard the USS PRINCETON LPH-5 somewhere off Pago Pago we were the "Pick up Ship" and I "PR-2 Deli....V-6 Div. 'Para-Loft'" was on the Flight Deck watching History happen!! Yup, Gene was one of the guys!! Now he's Gone!! Fly On Gene!!! I'll never forget!!
    Blue skies,

    1. BTW That Flight was "APOLLO X" (10) for those that can't read Roman Numerals!!! "APOLLO X" was the last "Dry Run" before the "Moon Landing!!" Yup, We did it!! 'just love all the "Nay sayer's" sayin' the "Moon Shots" were a "Hoax" just like the "Holocaust deniers!!!" No Pal, It was Real!!

    2. another BTW that the "Nay sayer's" will probably deny too is when we got back to Pearl after the pick up and got a few daze of "LIBERTY!!!!" "Jimi Hendrix" was a the "Waikiki Shell" and me and my buds got front row tickets!!!! "WHAT A RUSH!!!!!!!!" 'Only time I ever got to see "James Marshell" LIVE!!! Divine Providence must have shown "HIS" divine Light upon us to allow such a "co-incidence" Our Liberty in Pearl and Jimi!!!
      What a Rush!!!!