Monday, January 23, 2017

Union leaders say they're looking forward to working with Pres Trump: "The respect [he] just showed us... was nothing short of incredible."

Democrats just soiled their panties.

While he has their lap dogs in the MSM talking about crowd numbers and who got called on first at the press conference,  The Donald just charmed the big unions. Plus, he's bringing back their jobs and pulling out of trade treaties that screwed them royally.

Can you say "Paradigm Shift?"  If the unions go Donald, the Dems are truly doomed in the upper rust belt, which they considered their fire wall this recent election.  Maybe it's really the new solid red south, but rusty red.

Hey, is that a thing?  The rust belt goes rusty red!

This dude really is playing three dimensional chess, while the pampered, clueless Democrats and their hangers on run in circles waving their arms in the air.


  1. Unions and the fetid, desperate, crime ridden inner cities are the bread and butter of Democratic Party constituencies. That may change.

    The Dems also draw heavily from grievance identity groups and college campuses. I don't see that changing, but you can't win an election with that sort of weight being all that you pull.

  2. The link isn't working for me.

    That said, I'm guessing these are private-sector unions. The public-sector unions are unlikely to support Trump.