Saturday, January 14, 2017

This deep state resistance to Trump argument has been becoming more and more prevalent as the inauguration approaches.

I quoted Glenn Greenwald the other day, and here he is with Tucker Carlson making the case that the deep state, and specifically the intelligence agencies, are actively hostile to Trump, because he does not share their world view or support their foreign activities.

And he isn't alone.  Chuck-you Schumer warned Trump not to mess with the deep state because they have "six ways from Sunday at getting back at you."

In that interview, Rachel Maddow then asked Schumer what he thought the intelligence community might do to Trump to get back at him.

Schumer’s response was fascinating and revealing. He responded, “I don’t know.”
So, Schumer knows that there are six ways from Sunday for the intelligence community to get back at Trump but then, a few seconds later, can’t enumerate even one of those ways? That makes no sense, unless he was a bit scared to go into the details for fear that one of those “six ways from Sunday” might be employed against him.
 Far fetched?

Could such concerns explain why Trump reportedly won't stop using his own private security?  There are certainly a multitude of people on the left likely more than willing to take a go at Trump, given the hysteria on the left, and it would be a simple matter for a rogue agency to weaponize some of them and arrange a go at Trump.

I recall when Obama was first elected, I heard folk express concern that he might be assassinated, but I felt then that was a foolish fear, as I had heard no one at all say anything even close to that.  The right side of the political spectrum is normally very law abiding and calm, but their opposite, the left, is always it seems the culprit when serious political violence occurs, and we've seen plenty of it in the months after the election.

We shall see.

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  1. That interview was a real eye-opener. I'm shocked to find myself agreeing with Glen Greenwald; this clandestine "intelligence agency" stuff is dangerous and hard to expose. The media's self-serving bias ensures that they will try to hide their involvement.

    I hope and pray that President-elect Trump keeps his own security detail. The Secret Service has been often marred by scandal, and I don't trust anyone that's been employed under Obama. Also, too many world leaders have been assassinated by their own security personnel. Most assassins, if not all, have been from the ranks of the unhinged Left!