Thursday, January 12, 2017

Obama's dog bites a visiter to the White House, and draws blood

Warning, somewhat gruesome picture and blood at the link.
We're told the incident occurred Monday when the 18-year-old was visiting the White House. Sources connected to the girl tell us she went to pet and kiss Sunny, and the dog bit her on the face.
Sunny -- a female Portuguese Water Dog -- left a nasty gash under the girl's eye. We're told the Obamas' family physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, checked her out and decided she needed stitches.
She's gonna be okay, but we're told she'll likely have a small scar ... which upset her. She posted various pics of the injury and her visit to Dr. Jackson on social media.

They'll have to change the dog's name to "Mangler," or "Fang," cause she sure isn't a Sunny!
Vicious cur!  Legally, every dog gets one bite, so if the hound tags someone else, Obama will be a nice deep pocket to pick, and he won't be able to make the Taxpayers foot the bill.

Seriously, no one should indulge the temptation to go nose to nose to a dog and kiss it.  You might think that is a loving gesture, but the dog will interpret it as bald aggression.  That's what prompted Mangler…I mean Sunny, to bite, and she came awful close to that kid's eye.


  1. The press should ask Barack the same question that they ask Trump every-single-day. "When did you stop beating your dog, Barack?"

  2. She was probably tired of kissing obummers ass, better to kiss a biting dog on the nose!

  3. I'm sure that Obama never taught his dog to hate white people. That would be racist, wouldn't it.

    No, it's just a coincidence that none of the criminals visiting the WH ever got bit, even when their ankle bracelets went off unexpectedly. Coincidence, that's all.