Sunday, January 22, 2017

Illegal alien brazenly steals bucket with 1.6 million in gold, but is finally captured in Ecuador.

Here's the scum making the hit.

Police said they had not only identified the man, but speculated that the gold thief had moved on from Florida, and may have fled to California. NYPD identified the man as Julio Nivelo, and was believed to be - as of late December - in Los Angeles.
NYPD Det. Martin Pastor said Nivelo, 53, is a convicted felon who's known to the NYPD as Luis Toledo, among other aliases. He's a career thief who's been arrested seven times and deported four times to his native Ecuador, according to Pastor. 
In the end, it turns out that Nivello was not in Los Angeles, but had fled all the way back to his native Ecuador, where, as NBC 4 New York reported, he was finally arrested according to law enforcement sources.
 Nivelo was arrested there Thursday morning by federal agents with Homeland Security Investigations and The National Police of Ecuador.
So, they know his name, his appearance and his home country, but the authorities, in all their sophistication, can't catch him when he boards a plant to Ecuador?
I hear space in Gitmo is available.  For repeat offenders like this, serving time there would be more than appropriate.

Build the wall.

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  1. OK, the thief is a scumbag... but who left that $1.6M in gold sitting unattended on the back ledge of a truck? It's almost like they were begging someone to walk off with it!