Thursday, January 19, 2017

As Obama prepares to leave office, the Mexicans are still dealing with the problems he caused by arming up the drug lords.

During a special event, Nuevo Leon governor Jaime “El Bronco” Rodriguez Calderon oversaw and participated in the destruction of the weapons in the downtown area of Monterrey. High ranking military and state law enforcement personnel accompanied Rodriguez as he spoke about cartel violence and the destruction that those weapons had brought.
500 guns shipped directly and on purpose to drug kingpins by our own government!  Who could have conceived of such a hare brained plan?  Well, the Lightbringer, of course, except in this case the light he brought came from the muzzle blast of the rifles he thought the Mexican bad guys needed to have.


  1. This is all for show.

    I've seen the narcos get shipping containers full of AK's, ammunition, etc. Some of the more exotic military hardware comes from military arsenals in Central America. And yes, there is Barack's flow of weapons from ATF - which were designed to justify more gun control in the US.

    In a more reasonable age, Barack would have been tried, convicted and hung on the same day for so many of his scandals. The crows would have pecked out his dead eyes. Justice would have been served. But we don't live in a reasonable age.

  2. Can't find the cite, but way back when- someone wrote up the true story of that Fast & Furious scam, and how not only were guns given to the cartels, but American taxpayers actually paid for them as well; envelopes of cash were given to the straw buyers by Federal agents.

    Many of the American gun store dealers weren't happy at all with selling to obvious straw purchasers, but the BATFE (spit!) made them do it anyway.

    When's the Obama "transparency" going to tell the truth about this evil fiasco? I reckon about the time Hell freezes over... or CNN admits they publish phony news!