Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wooden Boats

My inner viking tells me I need one.


  1. If you're going that way, you need a dragon head and tail for it even though there are only one or two people at the oars. Strike fear into the hearts of your friends and neighbors, and naturally, have your name legally changed to Ragnar Swanson.

    1. Sir, do not tempt me so cruelly. Signed: Ragnar.

  2. Too pretty to put in the water. I'd be afraid to get it scratched on the rocks.......

  3. I wonder if there's a way to estimate how many man-hours went into this. This is more of a work-of-art than an afternoon cruiser. I think to put a scratch in it would likely break somebody's heart.

  4. Ragnar,
    Is it a rowing/sailing dory? Sure is handsome.

  5. You can get them in kit form and build them yourself.
    Nice winter family project.

  6. There's a few folks around Yaquina Bay here that have various versions of wooden boats they sail and motor. There's been a Wooden boat show on the central Oregon coast for a decade or so. Mostly in Toledo. Modest local entertainment.