Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tweet, tweet, little bird..

Since the election, Trump has continued to Tweet away. He's called for Hamilton to be boycotted and flag-burning to be criminalised, and every time the same 10-part pattern unfolds and the whole thing starts again.
Each episode followed a familiar 10-part pattern:
1) Trump posts an inflammatory, highly opinionated tweet.
2) The media goes nuts.
3) Trump’s tweet then dominates the news all day.
4) The media demands he stops tweeting because it’s ‘un-presidential.’
5) Trump ignores them.
6) Conventional politicians demand he stops tweeting because it’s un-presidential.’
7) Trump ignores them too.
8) Trump wakes up next morning to every paper and cable news show talking about his tweet.
9) Trump chuckles to himself.
10) Trump tweets again.

True that. The first politician of any stripe to weaponize twitter, to show the power of a fully operational twitter account in the right (wrong) hands.   Watch out, MSM!

Kinda like that ole internet rule of don't feed the troll.   Sooner or later, the media will wise up and stop serving Trump up a ten course meal every time he pokes them.  Given how dumb and stuck up they are, it's probably going to be later.

Via American Digest

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