Friday, December 16, 2016

My Next Read

Thanks for the tip, Cujet!


  1. It's a good read concerning the inner workings of the famous Skunkworks, and a personal insight to the brilliant mind of Kelly Johnson via one who worked closely with him. One thing that sticks in my mind was the sales technique used by the Lockheed reps to impress the bigwigs at the Pentagon just what the technology could offer. Usually the radar return of an aircraft was described in terms of being like 'the side of a barn' or a Cessna, or a flock of birds, etc.

    Lockheed computed the radar return of the new plane to equal the size of a ball bearing smaller than the eyeball of an eagle, and provided a bag of these (an appropriately sized ball bearing, not an eagle's eyeball, heh heh) to their sales team to roll across the polished desks of the generals, thus providing a dramatic moment that stuck in the mind of the purchaser. Stealth aviation was born.