Friday, December 16, 2016

Is this Russian hacking meme about to smack Obama and the Dims in the kisser?

So, I hear that later today, Obama is having a press conference where he will endorse the narrative that the crafty Russians hacked the election to help Hillary.

We know that this gambit is to simply delegitimize Trump, before he even gets in office, but are the Dims missing a threat here?

Put simply, who provided Wikileaks with the emails?  Was it diabolical Post Soviet Russians, getting revenge on Hillary for mis-spelling "Reset" and insulting their intelligence?

Or, was it a disgruntled Dim insider, perhaps a Bernie Sanders supporter, who was disgusted by what he was seeing, and who decided to find a way to make public the slimy machinations by the DNC?

To me, it's far more likely that this entire thing originated with an insider, someone who could see how the DNC was screwing Bernie over, and who wanted it to come to light.

If that is in fact the case, is this decision by Obama, Hillary, and the DNC to make a big deal about the Russians supposedly hacking the election fraught with true risk to their credibility?  What happens if this same persons/persons sees this narrative being constructed, and decides to come forward and publicly identify him/her self as the source?  It would take courage and risk tolerance, for sure, but if this is really how it happened, this person has already shown a willingness to reveal the truth, and might do it again.

Assange has already flatly stated that the leaks do not come from the Russians, but from an insider.

If that happens, what does Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the Dim establishment say?  Can't bury that in a pliant and supine MSM.

It is a highly risky plan, in my estimation, and highly dependent on how confident they are that the real source of the leaks remains anonymous.  But, the truth could come out in several ways that cannot be controlled by the Dims.

This is just not a good plan, not a narrative that will likely resonate, and will turn and bite hard if it turns out that the whole narrative is false.

Related, we now hear that our own Department of Homeland Security has made an attempt to hack at least three states, that we know of for certain.  What he heck is that about?

Further, how can the Dims and Obama legitimately carry on about the Russians when they themselves made a strong effort to influence the Israeli elections, as well as the Brexit vote in England?

We don't know how much involvement our government had in the turmoil in Ukraine, but we do know it was messing around in that nation's politics, and that in turn contributed to the deterioration of the situation there with the Russians.  I wonder how much the Russians know about our internal and putatively private communications on this subject, and which may have inflamed Putin against Hillary and Obama.  Given their ham handed and incompetent security, I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians know everything that was said about the Ukraine, and all our plans for that country.

In summary, this administration apparently enjoys playing with fire, and has decided to take the risk that their very public accusations against the Russians won't be soon proven to be yet another lie, and a dangerous one at that.  Nothing like pissing them off right before leaving office and handing responsibility for the nation's foreign relations over to the Repubs!

Predictably, the Russians are not amused:

The Russian president's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov also warned that Obama's threat to "retaliate" to the alleged Russian hack is "against both American and international law", hinting at open-ended escalation should Obama take the podium today at 2:15pm to officially launch cyberwar against Russia.

“You need to either stop talking about it, or finally show some kind of proof. Otherwise it just looks very indecent”, Peskov told Reporters in Tokyo where Putin is meeting with Japan PM Abe, responding to the latest accusations that Russia was responsible for hacker attacks.


I will be watching this with interest, and more than a little trepidation, I must admit.  But, if this ends up kicking the Dims in the nuts, I'll be laughing at them for their stupid choice.


  1. As "The Hammer" commented on a post at The Conservative Wahoo:
    "My problem is the criminal activity described in the emails is being ignored. Is not inciting violence at Trump events an attempt to influence an election? Where's the outrage about that?" All of this media hype about "did Russia interfere in the election" is deflection, diversion, and detouring around the
    CONTENT of the disclosures, which are the tricky political machinations of the Democratic Party and Hillary's crowd.

    The media are treating these allegations of Russian interference with a level of drama worthy of the onset of world war 3, but none of them is demanding evidence before parroting the Dem talking points (but, what else is new?)

    Lastly, does anyone really believe that if Hillary had won the election, any of this would be considered newsworthy by MSM?

  2. There's no danger the source of the leak will come forward to debunk the Russian hacking storyline. The Clintons are involved, the leak has already committed suicide with a double tap to the back of the head.

    1. Seth Rich?

  3. Anonymous is correct. He is scheduled to commit suicide by shooting himelf in the back of the head tomorrow. Followed by driving himself to the river and throwing himself in....possibly after tying his own hands.

    Some folks are determined.

  4. I'm worried too, CW- the Left never "looks before they leap," just like that guy doing a bellyflop into the sand as the tide goes out, that you posted.

    All of the soon-to-be-ex Big Shots in the current administration are scared to death, as their illegal acts will soon come to light. Already the fraud of Obama's photoshopped "birth certificate" has been highlighted on Drudge; the Pizzagate sickness is being widely investigated; all the dirty dealings of the Clinton Crime Foundation, and Obama's involvement in covering it all up, are going to be revealed in the sunlight soon to be shining into dark places. A Hillary win would of course have sealed all the dirty secrets away in the darkness forever, but (thank God!) that didn't happen.

    So they're scared, and flailing to find any rope to grasp before they go down for the last time; they probably don't care that they may start a nuclear war, or think that would be preferable to the exposure of what they really are, and what they have done. What they've done may be not only repulsive and anti-American, but may be death penalty offenses; if so, I hope they all get their skinny necks stretched!

    In their anger, panic, and attempts to deflect justice, those rats will commit any crime. Nothing is beneath them. We should all be worried about what they might do!