Saturday, December 3, 2016

I like my fish pink

Halibut madness.  It was speculated that the reason this flatfish is pink is that he is eating salmon roe bait that has washed down from the rivers.  I think he's pink because he's the piscine version of the panther.


  1. That's completely weird. BUT it's politically correct during breast cancer awareness month.

  2. Ugh. I hate pink. Especially pepto pink. I hate products geared towards women that are pink. Blue or black or yellow tools work just as well. Probably cheaper too.

  3. I think he's gay...

    (Sorry...but SOMEBODY had to say it!)


  4. Wonder if it's from eating brine shrimp, or salmon eggs dye. Would be interesting to know what fish & game's necropsy said about it, as it was sent to them.

    1. The scientists thought it was salmon eggs dye, but dang, in that big 'ol sea, it's hard to imagine he could eat that much loose bait. Trout can get red meat from their diet, and they usually get that way from eating tiny shrimp like creatures. I'd bet that's the explanation here.