Saturday, December 3, 2016

I can easily imagine viking longboats beaching there to raid and pillage, and to find themselves some red headed, freckled Irish women for wives.

Ballybunion Castle was built by the Geraldines in the 14th Century. It stands on the Castle Green site of an old promontory coastal fort of the “Clann Conaire.” In 1582 the castle had been acquired from the Geraldines by the Bonyon family. In 1583 William Og Bonyon lost the castle and lands due to his part in the Desmond Rebellion. In 1612 the castle and lands were granted to Thomas Fitzmaurice 16th Lord of Kerry and Lixnaw by the English King James 6th. By 1783 Richard Hare was in possession of the castle. From 1923 onwards the castle has gone under the care of the Office of Public Works. It was destroyed in the Desmond Wars. All that remains today is this East Wall.

What a beautiful sandy beach!  It's also interesting how the surf has stripped those slabs of rock of their grass covering.  Gives one an idea of how high the surf gets during a storm.


  1. Beautiful beach alright. But don't put a toe in the water. I've tried it all around the Irish coast over the years. Mostly in July and August. Toe turns blue in about 5 seconds.

    You know the Normandy Omaha beach scenes in "Saving Private Ryan" were filmed in Curracloe, County Wexford back in 1997. I was there then. Didn't get to meet Tom Hanks, however

    1. I'll put a line in the water instead. Surf fishing!

    2. Better to be a viking raider than surf fishing or putting your toe in the water, though.