Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ah-ha! Huffpo reveals the strategy behind all the hysteria about the Russians influencing the election.

Russian Interference Could Give Courts Legal Authority To Install Clinton!!

I'm not linking their rag, but I'm sure you can find your way over if you want to.  However, prepare to need a hot shower afterward to wash the slime off.

The gist:
However, at least one court decision suggests there is some federal authority to invalidate the election outcome after the fact.
In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand the ruling of a federal district judge in Pennsylvania that invalidated a state senate election due to fraud, ordering the winner be removed and the subsequent vacancy be filled by the losing candidate. (Marks v. Stinson, 1994).
Some social media users have begun circulating the phone numbers of various state attorneys general, urging fellow citizens to contact them and request that the Electoral College voters be enjoined from casting their vote until such time that all formal investigations of Russian hacking conclude. Once the electors cast their votes on December 19, they fear, any constitutional means for preventing Trump’s road to the White House will be exhausted.

I say, do it, Democrats!  Just the effort will further discredit them as a legitimate political force, especially after Hillary so publicly declared that it was highly damaging to democracy to even suggest that the legitimate results of the election be questioned.

I guess if the shoe is on the Democrat's foot, all's fair.

Seriously, is there any better way for the Democrats to damage their brand than to try this hail mary?  And if this plan is in any way successful, then there will no doubt be a call to arms to stop the theft of the election.  I guess Trump's visit to the Army/Navy game today could be seen as a bit of pre emptive lobbying.

Honestly, can the Progs get any more insane?  

I can't imagine any judge allowing this to go forward.  The whirlwind that that would release would be unstoppable.

Nevertheless, and heedless of the political turmoil that success in any of these strategies would entail, it is now clear that the Progs will try, first, to turn enough electors to deny Trump the presidency and require a vote by the House.  This will at the very least simply annoy everyone, like Dr. Stein's recounts are now, and still result in a Trump presidency.

Second, the progs are going to try to get Congress to extend the date that the electors vote until the Russian issue can be investigated.   Any such investigation can be drawn out to infinity, as everyone well knows, and give more time to threaten electors.  Who would act as president if there is no vote by January 20th?  There's no way this congress would agree to this foolish, childish proposal, but again, the very effort will simply annoy people and highlight the Democrats as the sore losers they are.

Finally, they hope to litigate the issue, using the above legal "precedent" to argue that the election should be overturned for fraud.  Oddly, the case that Huffpo cites involves Democratic fraud so pervasive that the Democratic politician was thrown out of office and the Republican installed.  The lunatics at Huffpo hopefully point out "that if after Donald Trump assumes office it is shown that Russian hacking (or any fraud, for that matter) robbed Hillary Clinton of the presidency, there is some legal authority on point that implies courts could seat Clinton instead."

Honestly, no reasonable lawyer would expect that argument to stand for a second, and no reasonable judge would ever entertain such an argument, given the stakes and risks involved in questioning the election's outcome on such a flimsy basis.

However, we can now correctly see why the progs are so adamant to sell the Russian interference narrative.  We can expect these unhappy people to continue their ranting even well after the election. It will be curious to see at what point the saner of the insane finally decide that a stop needs to be put to this circus, or whether they'll just let it go on and on in hopes of delegitimizing Trump's presidency.    

Any of these acts will do nothing but damage the Democrat Party, and make folk even less likely to give them the time of day in future elections.  I'm frankly amazed they are contemplating this, but hey, if they are just digging themselves a deeper political hole to climb out of, hand them a better shovel.


  1. Huffpo really really hates The Donald

  2. Long ago I realized that the Dems were verging on insane; now it's so blatant that I'm amazed they can't see it themselves. Maybe they never look in the mirror!

    Their brand is so damaged, and their national holdings so thin, they may succeed in completely destroying their party. All righty then, carry on!