Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trump's political ad focusing on the massive Clinton corruption:

VDH addresses the same issue in his latest work at National Review:

They have long ago lost any sense of shame - Bill is hourly caricatured as a sexual predator and the best that can be said of Hillary's character is that the left shrugs, "She may be a crook, but she's our crook."  In Dorian Gray fashion, their sins are now imprinted on their faces and visible in their tremors.  They were and are capable of any and everything.

And one wonders whether, in fleeting seconds here at the end of things, they still believe that it was all worth what they have become.


  1. The thing about having a heart of a narcissistic beast is that you love your own evil disposition. Like the evil queen in a fairy tale that sends the huntsman out to bring back the heart of a pure young lady, unaware of the avarice of the queen - there is never a pause for reflection.

    The Clintons are caricatures for the very worst humanity has to offer.

    1. They are, yet they still get an easy 40 - 45% of the vote. There's something wrong with the electorate, when this happens. A possible start to the solution would be to raise the voting age to 30, and disqualify anyone getting unearned free government shit, unless they are a veteran. Enjoy your Obamaphone, EBT card and Section 8 housing, but you get no say in how the nation runs itself, because you're a parasite.

  2. Totally agree "there's something wrong with the electorate." We have a lot of people now in the country who have no idea what an American actually is, they think it's just being here on our soil. They won't learn in school, which now teaches how evil this country was for having slaves 200 years ago but never mentions how/why this country was founded.

    President Trump has got a huge job ahead of him, and I hope he incorporates your ideas CW, they sound good to me!