Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump is Pakistani

According to Neo News, Trump was born as Dawood Ibrahim Khan in the now-Taliban-controlled Waziristan region of the country in 1954. After his parents were killed in a car accident, a British Indian Army captain took little Dawood to London, where the Trump family later adopted him and brought him to America, the report claimed.

The full, shocking! revelation here.


  1. Finally the truth is revealed.

  2. So if Trump's a member of a minority... then I guess all the protests will have to stop! What's the matter with those protesters, they must be RAYCISSSS!

    Glad we've got that settled!

  3. This is what's called a preempt strike... there's a real good chance Trump has intel on Obama proving him to have been ineligible for office.
    Obama and the DNC are DESPERATE to block TRUMP and keep him out of

    On one front they are pushing to convert Electors to vote against him when they meet. This is a 'plan B, Hail Mary's effort to try and get him
    declared ineligible. The desperation is this point they may try anything to maintain their grip on power.....even start WWIII.