Saturday, November 19, 2016

This should be legal in California

Think of the sales tax windfall from ammo sales!


  1. Now we know why .22 is in such short supply...

  2. Can you even buy ammo in CA anymore with that new law in effect?

  3. I don't believe that explains the .22 shortage the way you think.
    Glock 18's (the full auto variety) are 9mm, not .22

  4. Here in CA, only the police are allowed to "spray bullets." It's the law, so no criminal would dare break it.

    At least that "assault weapon" didn't have the dread "thing that goes up" or a bayonet lug! That ban has worked, there hasn't been a drive-by bayonetting since the law was passed. Whew, just think of the carnage if that bullet-spraying gun had a bayonet as well!

    I think the proper phrase is, "We really dodged a bullet there."