Thursday, November 17, 2016

This looks like fun


  1. It has that whole Kong thing without his love for the hot white blonde chick, climbing the Empire State Building and swatting at biplanes meme.

    1. Swatting at Hueys - why is it always a Huey? Ever since Apocalypse Now, movies with choppers nearly always use Hueys.

    2. They're iconic and they're more available for rent than say, an MH-60 Blackhawk or SH-60 Seahawk.

      Even in the Sci-Fi movie, Avatar, they were flying in a re-imagined Huey with a door gun.

      But it wouldn't be King Kong if he wasn't swatting at aircraft. Though I haven't read the script, I expect that as king of Skull Island, he'll end up saving the humans and stomping on the local dinosaurs and dino-insects.

  2. King Kong crossed with Apocalypse Now?
    Expected to hear 'Kong don't surf'

  3. Trailers can be misleading- but that looks awesome, and I'm rooting for the monkey, which is as it should be. Long live Kong!

    IMHO- Avatar sucked, though the special effects were great. Fingers crossed that this is better & not spoiled because of the Social Commentary Crud that Hollyweird always has to throw in!