Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Shepherd's Bread - the story of two yeasts

Doug the Sourdough Starter comes through again.

Started out with a positively glacial rise.  I usually add some dry yeast to get an aggressive rise, especially in winter when it's not that warm, but this time the boost did nothing.  I think the store bought is just too old.  

Doug, on the other hand, is just as spry and vigorous as the day I caught him.  Feed that yeast the night before the bread bake, and he's a foaming monster the next morning. Next time I do this I'm going to ditch the store bought and double the dose of Doug.

If I can figure that out then I can avoid any expenditure of money at all on the factory made yeast, and rely on the free but swollen and angry captive yeast.

It's a plan.  Now, to melt some butter and heat the honey.  Fresh bread is waiting to be eaten!


  1. Obviously Doug is a superior strain - but aren't all yeasts created equal?

    Maybe not.

    1. It is said that wild yeasts are common on grape leaves, of all things. Maybe the Italian yeasts are best?

    2. Best recipe for wild yeast starter around...

    3. Thanks for the link, I'm going to enjoy that website. When I went on the hunt for the elusive wild yeast, I used some pineapple juice to bring the fluid up to the correct Ph needed for the bread yeast I was looking for. Cuts down on that 17 day hunt by about a week.