Saturday, November 19, 2016

Space Shuttle nostalgia


  1. There was a day when we did that. The Obamanation put an end to it and made it NASA's PR mission #1 to help Muslims feel good about themselves (WTF?). Maybe we can make America great again now that Barack and friends are gone.

  2. I'm with LL. Sad that our hard-earned preeminence has been thrown away for less than nothing.

    Still- I've some friends much more into the space scene than I am, they reckon that it's been great that Obama hasn't screwed things up more, but has let private industry get into the game. If NASA was still running things, we'd still be flying the shuttles but there'd be no new progress due to the Huge Bureaucracy stifling innovation.

    1. Excellent point. Private innovation in this area has been fascinating.

  3. Was always glued to the TV when they launched and landed.

  4. There are some rumors that PE Trump wants to revitalize the push to Mars. Just the thought of that warms my heart. It seems the O administration took 63% of the space exploration budged and directed it towards climate change issues. PE Trump seems to have indicated that money will be immediately redirected to it's rightful place.

  5. Watched a Space Shuttle landing at Edwards AFB. Amazing, made the hair on your neck stand up.