Wednesday, November 9, 2016

North American F-86 Sabre


  1. When I lived in Washington, D.C. at the Ol' Soldiers' Home (now officially called the United States Armed Forces Retirement Home), there was a United States Air Force F-86 "Sabre" jet fighter parked under the trees on the lawn behind the barracks where I lived.

    There was also a United States Army M-48 "Patton" tank parked adjacent to it.

    The official street address (which is a lie) for the United States Armed Forces Retirement Home is 3700 North Capitol Street, Northwest.

    The actual entrance of the Home is (or was? - - - this was years ago) at the intersection of Upshur Street, Northwest and Rock Creek Church Road, Northwest.

    The computer Internet URL for their web site is:

    One of my favorite old Hollywood movies is, "SAYONARA", in which Marlon Brando portrays an F-86 ace fighter pilot during the Korean War.

  2. The 174th ANG used to fly real airplanes (they fly drones now). On memorial day, they would buzz various memorial remembrances around Central NY. Back through time it was the F16, A10 (I used to love watching them fly patterns) (a gap in memory here - F4s?, F106s?) but it was the F86 I remember as a boy in Greene NY. A pair of them flew low over the cemetery and climbed out of the Chenango River valley over the hill were we lived where I was standing in my front yard. It flew low with a steep climbing turn, it must have been full throttle. I could see the pilot. It scared me, then thrilled me, I landed on my butt as it flew over. Gosh what a plane.

  3. One of the prettiest aircraft ever built. A true fighter!

  4. The plane that allowed us to prevail in Korea. A fine piece of engineering.