Sunday, November 20, 2016

Marine Le Pen takes huge lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in new French presidential election poll

Shock!  The French might have their Trump.  Frau Merkel is going to be feeling very lonely over in Berlin without her globalist pals Cameron and Obama.

As soon as she seizes power, LePen can solve the Muslim crisis, tackle the unions, and seek to remove the French economy from the dead bony hand of control from Brussels.   Tough job indeed, I hope the Anglosphere can give her all the help they can.

Note that the press, and especially the European press, calls her far right, which would be more akin to centrist here in the states.   I do see that the American press has decided that the epithet "racist" is so overused that it has lost it's shock value, so now they are going for the new term, "white nationalist."  That's a lot closer to the slander they've been throwing at LePen for years.  Perhaps they are coordinating their false narratives.

Anyway, the progressives are in steep decline everywhere. Let's do what we can to help them into the ash heap of history.


  1. Perhaps the German people will help Merkel join Sarkozy in the unemployment line later next year too.

  2. How could any loving cuddly globalist open borders Marxist be against a female leader in France? Surely they are not anti-female chauvanists?

  3. I'm still not tired of the lamentations of their women. I'm exulting in their defeat and abasement!

  4. Perhaps they are coordinating their false narratives?
    You are *far* more charitable than I...

    The only upside is that Progressives do seem to be taking a beating.