Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bill was so mad at Hillary and his marginalization, that in his rage he threw his phone off the top of his home in Little Rock.

According to Edward Klein in his new book, "Guilty as Sin."

In the waning days of the presidential campaign, Bill and Hillary Clinton had a knock-down, drag-out fight about her effort to blame FBI Director James Comey for her slump in the polls and looming danger of defeat.
'Bill didn't buy the excuse that Comey would cost Hillary the election,' said the source. 'As far as he was concerned, all the blame belonged to [campaign manager Robby] Mook, [campaign chairman John] Podesta and Hillary because they displayed a tone-deaf attitude about the feeble economy and its impact on millions and millions of working-class voters.
'Hillary wouldn't listen. She told Bill that his ideas were old and that he was out of touch. In the end, there was nothing he could do about it because Hillary and her people weren't listening to anything he said.'

'Bill was so red in the face during his conversation with Hillary that I worried he was going to have a heart attack. He got so angry that he threw his phone off the roof of his penthouse apartment and toward the Arkansas River.'

Bill's advice was good, but even that might not have been enough to drag the Hildabeast over the top.

Hat tip Free North Carolina.

Man, there just has to be some good video somewhere of one of Hillary's epic meltdowns, and now that she's out of power permanently, I can't wait for one to surface. The tell all books that guys like Mook and Podesta will likely write will be must reads, if they refuse to pull punches and tell it all.

Get Klein's book here.

Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation


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  2. Bill has talent as a politician. People like him.

    Hillary is cunning, wicked and is willing to do literally anything. And it has not translated into the sort of political success that she'd hoped for. People who know her, instinctively don't like her. With the exception of Huma Weiner...who has formed an unholy attachment to her. Then again, she did the same thing with Husband, Anthony, the disgraced congressman and pedophile.

  3. DON'T count her out!! I have this ugly feeling that she is only licking her wounds and waiting for her strength to return before we see her again.

    1. Licking her wounds - makes me think of a dragon in it's den. Seriously though, I think her health is such that another tough campaign is likely out of the question. Also, the Dems might have learned their lesson with her, and want to move on to a fresher candidate with less "baggage."