Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Awright, this is the last political post for awhile.

But this morning I'm making my coffee from the tears of the sad, terrified losers of last nights election.

And it is sweet, sweet coffee indeed!

Reddit even has a sub for epic meltdowns, but for that, you only need to go to Facebook, where for some reason there are plenty of people I know who have lost their minds.  An example:

A nation of bigots. really? I am feeling so very sad and disillusioned with our nation. Sad for my daughters, sad for people of color, immigrants, women, LGBT community, refugees, Muslim Americans and just about anyone who is not a straight white male.
 So much hate 😢

Pure Hate. Scary.

 I forgot to mention THE EARTH!!!! and anyone country that he may want to nuc.

Like in Brazil only white Males Deus

 I'm just flabbergasted.

 But straight white males are ok though?
No sorry for the common person if he's white and straight. Trump will take care of them.
I'm sorry for your entire nation, not just some communities, sexes, races etc. You all are equally fucked and the fact that you differentiate is what got you fucked.

I won't even respond to this emotion driven drivel, but good lord, think before you post on public social media, people!

In the meantime, let's let the cry babies bawl and worry about the hate and the Muslims and the Earth, and while they simper, we can celebrate the end of a poisonous American dynasty, and eight years of progressive abuse.

Republicans take the Kentucky House after 95 years of Democratic control.  Republicans last led the chamber in 1921. Going into Election Day, the Kentucky House was the only law-making chamber in the South still controlled by Democrats, who held a 53-47 majority.  Republicans achieved the trifecta in Kentucky politics Tuesday, wresting control of the state House from Democrats in a landslide to complement their rule over the governor’s office and state Senate.

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  1. The folks who feel the hatred seem to be the same ones who were gloating before the election that they were ahead in the polling.
    Just who are the haters that the folks being polled felt they had to lie to the pollsters?

  2. It's interesting that all the "hate" seems to be one-way. Thugs shooting cops aren't "haters" no, they're "victims." It's the cops that are the "haters" somehow.

    I guess I'll never figure out how being called every bad name under the sun by so-called "victims" makes ME the "hater."

    1. It doesn't. The folks spewing the bile are simply blind to what they are saying. Pure emotion, no logic or thoughtfulness.

  3. The nastiness just keeps on coming from the left, oh and the tears, and the I'm so scared...WTH
    I probably should graciously say I'm sorry, but I'm not going to because I'm not. Americans, true Americans have spoken!