Sunday, October 9, 2016

Drudge put this picture up of Bill glaring at Trump's lady guests at the debate

The women he abused.  I have never seen Slick look that way.  Trump's living in his head, for sure.

Chelsea is thinking, "I'm so glad Web is my real daddy, not this slimy snake sitting next to me."

Meanwhile, Obama sent his little buddy to keep Hillary company during the debate.

Hello!  Those mean Republicans.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand somewhere....

Trump won this time.  What a one of a kind, crazy election this is.  We'll be telling the grand kids about it years from now.


  1. Gee my compassionate side sobs at the thought of William Jefferson Clinton squirming in his seat!

  2. Slick looks like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. You are right, I've never seen him look petrified like that. I think Trump has these dirty lying criminals right where he wants them.

  3. The only fly in the place with her balls enough to to land on that piece of excrement. Probably died shortly thereafter.

  4. Pic #1 Slick is seeing ghosts.

    The ghosts of Bimbos past.

  5. What a wonderful debate! Trump against H.Clinton with assistance from Martha Raddish and Anderson (Gerbil) Cooper, while BJ glowers from the first row!

    Trump sweeps away the combined opposition and demolishes the Queen of Corruption! Best line of the night from Trump (there were many, but this is my favorite) "You'd be in jail." Drop mic & walk away!

  6. I got my $$ on Trump despite the lies the media and dnc communists are spewing. The media and the 'RINO's are showing their true colors. They don't care if unemployment is 90% and we are $100T in debt and we are overrun with third worlders -- their power and their stuff is above all. If you haven't figured out that most of Congress does not run for office to 'serve the public,' you ain't paying attention.