Saturday, October 1, 2016

California, land of the stupid liberals.

In the late 1800s, it took railroad companies six years to lay 1,907 miles of track for what was to become the Transcontinental Railroad (or as Barack Obama calls it, the Intercontinental Railroad).
Building that railroad line required tunneling through mountains — at one foot a day — building bridges — including one that spanned 700 feet — and doing all the work almost entirely by hand.
That news came from a contract revision that the Obama administration approved late last week. Instead of finishing the first leg of what is supposed to be a High-Speed Rail service from San Francisco to San Diego by 2018, the new deadline is 2022, which will be seven years after the January 2015 groundbreaking.
Even when completed, the first leg will only run from Madera (population 63,105) down to Shafter, a small town north of Bakersfield.
Jerry Brown, and every democrat and neocon who voted for this, should be banished to a desert island and forced to eat crabs to survive.


  1. What have you got against the crabs?

    1. When I was a kid the parents used to take us over to Lawson's Landing to crab during the season. Those bastards caught my too slow fingers many times, and I'll always eat them with gusto and vengeance.

  2. I'm sure he was referring to Pthirus pubis, not the good ones! ;o)

  3. Stake them out at low tide. Let the crabs have at them as the tide rises and then pick the bones clean. That was called "Tide Staking". And yes, the Sacramento progs deserve that fate but it's almost too good for them.

  4. This boondoggle was an expensive mistake from the get go, follow the money.
    Stake out Gavin the horrible while you're at it.!

  5. I'm on the Trump Train instead. It's got a destination, and it's going there!