Saturday, October 1, 2016

Library porn


  1. The thing that I loved almost as much as my record collection was my great accumulation of books, 99% of which were just everyday, ordinary paperbacks. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. Most of them were horror and sci-fi. A few Westerns and some classics. We owned a building that use to be three apartments and a little corner grocery store that I converted into a great, big house. The room that was previously a store was the perfect place to keep books and vinyl records and every other sort of junk imaginable. When we moved to a ranch house in the 'burbs back in 2004 a lot of stuff couldn't go with us. Goodwill and the Veterans Thrift Shop ended up with almost more books than they could handle along with 300 - 400 of my beloved 8-tracks..............

    1. Under my definition, no book, 8-track or record can be defined as junk. Rather, it's all treasure!