Monday, September 5, 2016

Pic Of Day: Putin Throws Over His Old ‘Flexible’ Friend For His New One, New Turkish Tyrant Erdogan

Cold shoulder for the short timer.  It seems as Obama's term expires, the world's contempt for him becomes more open.

Not too far from this.


  1. They are all finished using him. He's not needed any longer and deep down in his lower bowel, he knows it....

  2. When you consider that even the Filipinos are calling him out for who he is, Barack needs to pack his bags and scuttle off to a golf course and end his presidential career doing the only thing that he knows how to do.

    If he thinks that it's bad now, wait until he's actually out of office with Trump digging things up on him. He's not even wanted in Kenya (which I found interesting) because of his unfettered support for homosexuality. There must be some country that would welcome him. The Cubans don't even want him and refer to him as a "mulatto".

  3. What's been said about him is all true. He is the son of a whore; he is mulatto; he is homosexual; muslims consider him a muslim; God knows who his real father is, but I don't.

    Worse than all that is that he's a puppet. He's just a figurehead, saying whatever is on his teleprompter; he didn't write the material. I wonder if there's anything at all about him that isn't fake? He's done well for the puppetmasters, though, to my infinite regret.