Tuesday, September 13, 2016

One medical analysis of Hillary's collapse

Legit?  Sounds more likely than pneumonia.


  1. Excellent observations from a medical professional.

  2. PD fits all the known facts. Pheumonia doesn't.

    Her inveterate lying is an underlying moral disease, but is an additional indicator that she doesn't have pneumonia. (She says it, so it ain't so.)

  3. The thing is, when you say something like 'your political preference doesn't come into it, we need a healthy president', I'd say your political preference is still relevant, since if POTUS is ruled incapable, then VPOTUS takes over.

  4. I'm thinking failed cutting edge attempt to use stem cells to implant a conscience where patient was both without one. Failure then led to more conventional brain transplant which was not entirely successful. Patient becomes flustered and confused, believing herself to be variously Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, a Goldwater Girls, and Madonna.

  5. Re. the possibility of Parkinson's:

    In July, this video came out, suggesting that Hillary Clinton had some kind of seizure.


    At first I thought, "Yeah, could be ... " But when I watched it again from a couple of different angles, I thought I might have just fallen for the power of suggestion instead! It looked to me like, immediately following a lull in the reporters' Qs, that suddenly there's this loud, overwhelming flurry of a half-dozen Qs, and she was kind of doing a humorous "cartoon double-take" sort of thing.

    EXCEPT, maybe, for her statement about the cold chai tea. I gotta say, that seemed a bit like a diversion! (Either she didn't want them to know / notice she'd just had a seizure, or maybe she just didn't want to answer the question. "Quick, change the subject!")

    Anyhow, I ran it by a neurosurgeon friend of mine:


    HIM: Yeah, that was weird. But more like a dyskinesia (a parkinsons type thing) than seizure i think. Hard to say but definitely weird

    ME: So whatever it was, you're guessing it was INVOLUNTARY, huh?

    HIM: Yes, this is definitely concerning (unless she’s doing drugs, then the drug use would be concerning).It’ll be interesting to see what the media makes of this. She had a spell a while back too and was hospitalized [fainted, fell and suffered a concussion in Dec 2012], so this is likely going to be hard to sweep under the carpet.


    Once again, the video (and his comments) came back in July.

  6. Perhaps her insistence to an empty bathroom which delayed one of her debates was another time that she needed quick treatment.