Saturday, August 20, 2016

The newest Maybach, from M-B

On the other hand, I've had vicarious experience of three Mercedes sedans through people I've known, and they've all three been disasters.  I guy at work has a Porsche, and it started honking the horn when he stepped on the brake.  They told him the part had to come from Germany - in several weeks - and would cost about 2k to fix, so he simply disconnected the horn at zero cost.  German engineering, you know.

I can only imagine the financial rape that would occur should your Maybach start honking the horn when you stepped on the brake.


  1. Mental image of a Mercedes with the same $5 horn button I put in my old toyota 4x4 when the steering wheel one crapped out

  2. Owned a Rabbit for a while, and that ended the myth of German engineering superiority.