Sunday, August 21, 2016



  1. Not sure how he ended up like that, but I came over a hill doing maybe 40 mph on a Honda XR200 dirt bike, hit a javelina, flipped, and landed in a large cactus patch. I had my right arm out straight, elbow locked, when I hit and it still gives me trouble almost 35 years later. The cactus was pretty much an afterthought, but damn was I messed up. Managed to pick the bike up, fired off on the first kick. Can't kill a Honda.

  2. Those cholla cactus are nasty. The thorns have barbed tips and they stick in -- and work their way in deeper. There are different varieties of Cylindropuntia and all of them are wicked.

  3. I did something like that up north of Phoenix about 20 years ago. Only about 10% as much, had to have my hunting partner take them out with his Leatherman. Just about made me want to kill myself. That guy is going to hate his life for a while.