Friday, August 12, 2016

Orwell, a man of vision

Although a Socialist, Orwell was a keen observer of society, a clear and entertaining writer, and most importantly, an honest man.

This year, I'm reading his opus, and one of his less well known works I enjoyed was The Road To Wigan Pier.  Recommended.


  1. I have not read that, but I bought it on your Amazon site. (cha-ching)

    1. Thanks, and the book is an interesting view into that era's politics. It's surprising how much thought is recycled with different titles nowadays. At least with Orwell, he sees human nature as it is, and attempts to come up with reasonable ways to alleviate injustice. He thought that at that time, the biggest threat to well being and freedom was fascism, not capitalism.

  2. Down and out in Paris and London is a good read too.