Sunday, August 28, 2016

Now that's an awesome sport I had never heard of before.

Hat tip: Lloyd Kahn


  1. The skill sets involved makes me wonder how people transition from "pedestrian" to hydrofoil rider.

    1. When properly tuned, the major adjustment is being 18" taller. The foil will mimic the board when in the proper position - all the forces (sail pull, wind gusts, and direction) should be relative. The one thing that will be significantly different is the smoothness of ride, as the foil will eliminate any water friction and surface roughness.

      Or so I've been told by a young charger with more desire than brains. His wife started thinking about it as she saw him zipping across SF Bay at 40 or so... he don't do that no more.

      Papa Ed.

  2. Souped up wind surfing!