Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dunk your sweaty head in that


  1. When I see that type of current, I instinctively want to drag a Mepps spinner through it. I can't tell you how many trout (a lot) that I've caught doing that. Many fishermen don't use that tactic, but the trout are there in the current looking to eat something and along comes an annoying, flashing, lure and they snap at it.

    I recall one stretch of water not unlike that where an old guy told me, "Fish in the holes, not in the rocks," and then watched, dumbfounded as I pulled a limit of 8 from that sort of water and rocky bottom.

    1. That's also a good spot to look for rock rollers (insects that build a cocoon of tiny rocks), which are outstanding bait.

    2. http://www.utahfishinginfo.com/tips/catch_bait/caddis.php

    3. You react to that exactly as I do.