Monday, August 1, 2016

A useful thing

I was using this exact same knife yesterday up in the mountains with the hombres.  As long as you aren't skinning a deer or fighting off a bear, it's a very useful size for most tasks.  Good walk and talk. Disappears in the pocket as well.  I'm glad I spent the coin for mine.

Case Cutlery 57617 Winterbottom Jig Half Whittler Pocketknife with Stainless Steel Blade, Black Cherry Bone


  1. Case knife made in Bradford, PA. Be sure to stop at the Zippo/Case museum for free. They will also repair your zippo lighter for free.
    Also, check out the Zippo Lighter Car at the link

    Brother Mark

    1. Just a short drive from my buddy's camp in Mt. Jewett, PA. We used to stop there pretty often.

  2. These pocket knife posts make me feel nostalgic. I was thinking that we were probably the last generation that as kids, always carried one. Some of the most fun we had was sitting in the shade on a summer day playing mumbly peg...............