Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A new high/low in dumb ass names

 An 18-year-old Ohioan made the imprudent choice Thursday night to be carrying a loaded handgun while a passenger in a car traveling in Akron.
His name is Wise Intelligent Supreme God Allah.  A more appropriate name would be Hopeless Dumbass, but really, his parents should be slapped silly for naming the poor guy that.  Does he have siblings?  Is his sister named Beautiful Supreme Goddess Isis Sheba Nefertiti?
During a police traffic stop, Allah was found with a Hi-Point .380 caliber handgun in the waistband of his pants. The Canton resident was arrested on felony weapons charges, according to Akron Municipal Court records.
Come on, man, a .380 Highpoint?  You're falling down on the thug life here.
The accused pistolero--whose rap sheet includes a felony burglary conviction--was booked into the Summit County jail, where he remains locked up on $20,000 bond.
Wise Intelligent Supreme God Allah himself in his police mug shot. He just oozes intelligent supremeness.


  1. Hi-Points are ugly as sin, but function flawlessly. Reviews show them more reliable than Kel-Tecs. ..And they make a great .45ACP carbine. Diss them all you want, they work.

    1. Ok, but .380? Super Smart Allah should have gone for the .45 acp.