Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekend summer fun in California

The boy and his buddies went camping last weekend up at Union Valley Reservoir, and used his drone to video it up.   Here's the edited product.  That drone was worth the money.  As long as we don't crash it, I see a lot of fun in our future.

Union Valley Reservoir by Drone from Sam Swanson on Vimeo.

The drone we are using is this one.  It allows you to watch video from the drone in real time on your iPad.  Downright cool.


  1. The boat looks like a Ski Natique - very nice boat. Cool drone video as well. What a great video and a wonderful adventure!

    1. Alas, the boat belonged to the people in the next camp, but it made a great addition to the video.

  2. Beautiful country - 'hope they got some fishing done, too!