Tuesday, July 19, 2016

That has to be a gas to fly


  1. Anyone over 5'9" won't fit in the cockpit.

  2. "don't give me a p-38
    It'll stall out and spin
    and soon auger in
    don't give me a p-38."

    They say if you don't get the props sync'd it'll give you a massive headache.
    (Still my all time favourite!)

  3. Notice the blacked-out, non reflective panels facing the pilot, so that his retinas are not scorched by the sun.

  4. My Dad said the counterrotating props made for a stable gun platform but the cockpit heat was terrible since you weren't behind an engine.

    He also said he falsified his medical records to make himself 1" shorter so he could go into fighters not bombers.

    Don in Oregon

  5. Had a wheel not a "joy stick"..No pilot worth his salt wanted a "wheel". I'll take a "Jug" thank you.

  6. Not a Jug. A Mustang. Pure piston engine perfection.