Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Everyone out of the water!

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has taken a page out of Joseph Stalin’s book — and sacked every commander in his Baltic fleet.
As many as 50 senior officers including a Vice Admiral have been purged amid reports they refused to confront Western ships.

Other Russian news sites also speculated that attempts to cover up a crash between a Russian sub and a Polish boat may have been behind the bloodletting.
But given the endemic nature of corruption and incompetence across the Russian military, Western analysts are scratching their heads as to the real reason behind the purge.
Or, just to maintain the fear and keep everyone off balance, every tyrant needs to purge the military now and then.  It's baked into the cake.


  1. Russian commanders are wary of tangling with US ships on the high seas.

  2. Stalin didn't sack/purge anyone... he shot them....


    1. With Russia's low birth rate, they can't afford to shoot anyone anymore.

  3. He is a tyrant? I thought he was voted in.. Now if he replaced commanders with sycophants and made sure we had trannys in the sub force and global warming was a mission he would be a tyrant, oh wait..