Thursday, July 7, 2016

Attilio Marinoni, Chief Mechanic of Scuderia Ferrari, with an Alfa Romeo, 1934


  1. Speaking of Alfas, I saw one in Lansing, MI near the airport yesterday.
    It was a Spider.
    I almost flashed my headlights [GRINS]

    1. Reminds me of a childhood learning experience of mine probably around age 5.
      Growing up my parents always had MG's, as with most car groups like that they of course always wave or flash lights as they pass each other. I remember once going somewhere with my mother and questioning why she didn't wave as we passed an MGB and why they didn't wave at us?

      Turns out when your out driving your pick up truck around the other people aren't aware of what you have parked or broken down at home..

      I did the Jeep thing for a few years, had a pretty sweet CJ7 but thought the Jeep wave was pretty stupid unless it was something older than at least 1986.