Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trey Gowdy slams the dunce hat on another hapless government witness.

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  1. Bill C-68, Canada, passed into law:
    - police have the right, without due process, to enter a law abiding gun owners home and seize firearms without providing a receipt.
    - a gun owner in court, on charges of firearms violations, loses the right to remain silent
    - a gun owner can violate new gun laws by doing nothing at all
    - the new gun laws violate dozens of established property laws

    As a Canadian citizen I reject the authority of the Canadian Supreme Court with complete and utter contempt, and warn the parties involved that in rejecting the Canadian Constitution - I will too in any further dealings with them . That document protected them too... Now it does not.

    American liberal idiots might want to look awfully hard at what they will lose if the Constitution goes out the window, and remind themselves which end of the political spectrum owns all the guns.