Friday, June 3, 2016

Elephant in Rhodesia wounded by poachers, seeks help at safari lodge

And gets help!

Ben, a bull elephant, approached the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge and the manager quickly noticed that it had a limp and appeared to be severely injured. In photographs, the elephant is looking inside and it appears that he is indeed seeking assistance.
Unfortunately there was no in-house veterinarian at the lodge because the vet had gone for the weekend.
But one kind vet offered to fly 200 miles from Harare to provide medical assistance to the elephant and arrived within six hours. In that time, Ben apparently waited patiently, drinking  water and grazing.
Here's Ben looking for a vet.  Really, one doesn't want to anthropomorphize, but it appears that is exactly what he was doing.  Why, when in pain, does the old boy decide to go directly to where he knows people are?  Odd how seemingly wild animals know where aid is likely to be found.

 Ben survived the attempts on his life after the vet treated him and disinfected his 
wounds. Ben now wears a tracking device to ensure his improvement can be monitored as he recovers on the safari lodge's property.  Wouldn't surprise me if the staff is now feeding him carrots or something.


  1. did anybody check to see if the limp was caused by a big glob of poacher on the bottom of his foot? I'm just saying......

    1. You owe me a dry keyboard Mohave Rat. :-)

    2. A gob of poacher would certainly be justice, served up by pachyderm.