Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wreckage of Captain James Cook's ship Endeavour found.

The ship, which Cook sailed in the Pacific Ocean, passed through a number of hands before eventually being renamed the Lord Sandwich and used in the revolutionary war blockade.
The Lord of Sandwiches is not a very ferocious name for a famous ship.  Please, Brits, could you not have come up with something better, like Queen of Soups, or Duke of Condiments?

Of course, I suppose a ship so closely associated with Captain COOK could be named after the lord of SANDWICHES.
RIMAP said it had pinpointed the wreckage at a site that included five other vessel, off the state of Rhode Island in Newport harbor.


  1. I read about this elsewhere (first) and find it fascinating that they finally found the Lord of the Sandwiches in Newport RI Harbor. Beef Dip? Pulled Pork? Philli Cheesesteak? We won't know until the divers plumb the secrets of the wreck.

  2. Could have been Boaty McBoatface.