Saturday, May 7, 2016

Squadron of American Douglas torpedo bombers from the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CV-6 in flight near Diamond Head, Oahu - Hawaii, in 1941. (Carl Mydans—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)


  1. TBD "Devastator". The first monoplane torpedo bomber when it entered service in the 1930's. 99 in service with the entire USN in 1942 for the battle of Midway. Had a maximum airspeed of 90MPH. One .30 cal M3 MG in the rear. One torpedo. ALL THREE squadron's were shot down in 15 min. at Midway, leaving aprox.20 serviceable TBD aircraft in the whole US Navy. Slow, underpowered and under armed even by the standard's of the pre war Navy. Only one man in the three TBD squadren's at midway survived the attack on the Japanese. Ens. Gorge Gay USN. ---Ray

  2. Yellow wings...peace time navy.

    1. The color scheme looks sharp. Too bad they all got shot down.